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Welcome to the Official Website of the National BancPac Advisory Board

The National BancPac Advisory Board (“the Board”) was organized for the purpose of representing the interests of BancPac user institutions. The Board serves as a steering committee for FIS in relation to the BancPac core processing system, related products, and support activities. The BancPac Advisory Board works to serve the overall best interests of all financial institutions that utilize the BancPac core processing product. The Board is comprised of t individuals representing different financial institutions throughout the United States, that hold senior positions at their respective institutions. The common thread between each of these individuals is their use of Fidelity’s BancPac core processing system, coupled with a desire to make BancPac the best product on the market. It is the philosophy of the Board that user input is critical for a core processing system to continue to evolve along with the users’ needs. While the BancPac Advisory Board serves as a liaison between the end users and Fidelity, it is ultimately all users who have a say in the product’s growth and development.

Currently, there are ten regional BancPac User Groups representing banks from across the country. These regional User Groups are instrumental in providing the Advisory Board with product enhancement requests and feedback from those that use the system on a daily basis. The Board reviews enhancement requests and advises FIS on the prioritization of these enhancements from the user perspective. The Advisory Board priority ranking of an enhancement request is an important part of Fidelity’s process to determine which enhancements make it into the next update. Through this process, the Advisory Board is able to facilitate direct, and significant user input into the BancPac system.

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