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Regional User Groups

If you viewed the enhancements that will be in the upcoming release of BancPac you will see the product is just getting better and better. The great majority of these enhancements came from users and user groups with more emphasis put on requests from user groups as they represent a large number of banks. Fidelity takes its users seriously and encourages their input and requests in order to give banks the product that they need and want. It is of great benefit to your bank to be part of one of the Regional User Groups or, if there has not been one formed in your area, members of the National BancPac Advisory Board as well as the Regional Groups will be more than happy to assist your area users in forming one.

Western States BancPac Users Group (WSBUG)

Ken Thomas, User Group President
Suncrest Bank

Carolina BancPac Users Group

Michelle White, User Group President
Tidelands Bank

Georgia BancPac Users Group

Brenda Speed, User Group President
Southern Bank & Trust

MidSouth BancPac Users Group (MSBUG)

Michelle Pentecost, User Group President
Franklin Synergy Bank

MidWest BancPac Users Group

Roger Roe, User Group President
Ossian State Bank
Ossian, IN

Florida BancPac Users Group (FL)

Robin Green, User Group President
People's State Bank

Southeastern BancPac Users Group (SEBUG)

Donna Hensley, User Group President
Progress Bank & Trust

Southwestern BancPac Users Group (SWBUG)

Thad Hutcheson, User Group President
T Bank, NA

Northeast & Virginia BancPac Users Group (VABUG)

Dolly Swick, User Group President
Bank of Romney

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